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  1. As for the Star Class being out of the Olimpics it’s kind of silly, being the only Class where many years of experience as a sailor and as a Star sailor will give success. And then, if dna & nature made you over 1.85 m and 95 kg, you’re automatically out of the Olimpics???

  2. Sailing is fighting for publicity, to get better known and understood by the non-sailing community. Now, in which other sport can you find so many and so important changes compared to when it comes to sailing? And is this really speaking in the favour of sailing? I prefer to be able to say, that “We also have the Star Class, over a 100 years old and still attracting the best and most gifted sailors of the world”!

  3. Having just launched a youth focused online sports TV channel – http://www.SportzZone.tv – we look forward to discussing ways in which we can help deliver the ‘Connect To Sailing’ message direct to young sailors and potential sailors, worldwide, using the latest digital technology.

    We are all keen (competitive) sailors and very excited about how we can get more youngsters afloat and engaged in this great sport using SportzZone.tv as a catalyst.

  4. it could be so easy:
    single handed dinghy m+f
    double handed dinghy m+f
    multihull m+f
    keelboat m+f
    board m+f
    this would represent sailing best way, both for sailors and spectators.
    but what isaf is deciding now, will destroy the sport of olympic sailing

  5. I’am interested to be part of the Event Committee for the Olympic 2016 in sailing division..

    I worked as a Race Secretariat 4 1/2 yrs in Manila. Handling Regatta’s Inshore Races, Offshore Races and Major Races like President’s Cup….

    Where can i send my CV for your references?

    Thank you… and more power!


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