Multihulls, mixed sailing and more..

November 12, 2010 at 3:16 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

The ISAF council have voted in the Events Committees provisional events slate for the 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition, which is:

Men’s Board or kite board – evaluation

Women’s board or kite board – evaluation

Men’s one person dinghy – laser

Women’s one person dinghy – laser radial

Men’s 2nd one person dinghy – Finn

Men’s skiff – 49er

Women’s skiff – evaluation

Women’s keelboat – Elliott 6m

Mixed multihull – evaluation

Mixed two person dinghy (spinnaker) – 470

This is a provisional list of event and subject to final confirmation in the ISAF mid year meeting next May



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  1. Two types of men’s one person dinghy…… no men’s keel boat……

    • what´s about

      Flying Moth ;-)))) !!!!


  2. What is “MIXED SAILING”?

    • Mixed sailing is when there is one male and one female in the boat.

    • ONe man one woman, mandatory. Crewing or helming doesn’t matter the position.
      Good luck guys!!!

  3. 470 is one of THE best classes in THE world. It is my duty to keep THE class in THE olympics. It is a great boat and it is à class which is sailed in all THE continents of THE world…. So vote 470 men! We have 120 boats in à WOrld championships THE second biggest class of all olympic classes besides laser……..

    • You’re so right…
      Why should a that big and high-level class put togheter in one??
      And there were 120 men crew and around 60 women crew at the worlds
      Togheter 180?? And the more you split a fleet the more unfair it will get.
      So i see NO reasen to do it mixed… ???

  4. Windsurf- or kiteboard, huh???

    • It would be nice to see formula windsurfing in the olympics. The planing action is good for TV broadcast plus in contrast with RS:X, formula boards are ubiquitous and actually sailed also outside the olympics wide a wide user base.

  5. what a shiiiit…. why mixed sailing, special in the 470…. that can not be possible!!!!!
    why 2 one men person dinghy and no men and women two person dinghy????
    i can not understand this ..

  6. 2 person dinghy shall be 2 women, 2 men or mixed. Why this rule? I do not understand the rationale of trying to bias for one gender, sailing shall be free of these arguments. For instance specify the boats and lets the sailors decide how and with who they sail.
    No keelboat is probably a mistake.

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