Mixed multihull in, men’s keelboat out

November 10, 2010 at 3:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

It was the most packed session we have had this week to hear the Events Committee’s recommendation on the provisional Olympic events and equipment for 2016. 

This is how the voting went.

The Events Committee recommends:

 Board or kite-board for men and women – equipment evaluation

One person dinghy men – Laser Standard

One person dinghy women – Laser Radial

Two person dinghy (skiff) men – 49er

Two person dinghy (skiff) women – equipment evaluation

Second one person dinghy men – Finn

Two person mixed multihull – equipment evaluation

Two person mixed dinghy with spinnaker – 470

Women’s keelboat – Elliott 6m

In so doing the committee’s voting recommends taking out the men’s keelboat. The second one person dinghy for women was the other option not to be selected.

The Committee’s recommendations are of course just that. They will go to the ISAF Council for consideration this weekend. After Council vote they are then subject to confirmation at the ISAF Mid-Year meeting in May 2011.



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  1. I sail 43 years catamaran and i was one of the first tornado sailor in Holland with the H7 as crew after many years in top level sailing in all different catamaran class and winning many championships but i think that the Tornado have to be back in the Olympic waters this boat is really good for mix teams and in the past that i was sailing the Tornado class there was Paul Elvstrøm with his daughter Trine one of the first and same Germans teams the top ten overall even when we look this year the World champion where a mix team and in 2008 was Carolijn Brouwer skipper & Sebbe Godefroid as crew .but i think by fare a way is the Tornado the best boat again to see this back on the waters .
    The f16 is to small and this boat is good for young sailors as they did in Como more of the sailors test teams was young sailors and i think the F18 is a nice class but with to many different boat type’s and i think that this f18 class is a class to runner up for the Olympic boat (Tornado) because i sail this boat with pleasure and when the Tornado get back again than many of the sailors in this F18 class will sail back on the Tornado again i see the Tornado like a masterclass boat.

    Well i think when you see the America’s cup now that the boat for the finals 72 ft is bigger than the serie boats of 45 ft .
    And think that all the best sailors will sail a smaller boat on the Olympic’s

    Make a fare play sailing trial , all the catamarans with mix-teams in a trial and the best boat with the best performance go in the Olympic in 2016 .
    My friendly sailing regards
    Gerard Loos

  2. So,
    the brilliant recommendations for the next Olympic Games are to bring in the kite board and to throw out the Star?
    But please, don’t keep calling it “Sailing”!

  3. Why would it be Windsurfing or Kitesurfing? Surely it should be both as they are very different sports, it would be a shame not represent all aspects of sail-powered racing at the Olympics.

  4. No. The only kind of eligible cata should be a BOX RULE cat afordable to all. Tornado is not afordable. A Worlds winner brand new F18 would cost you 20.000€. A Tornado will cost you more than 35000… Either you have a good sponsor or you belong to a olimpic team and I wouldn`t like to see the same film again with only the top 5 teams with state of the art boats. We need afordable, popular, handy and fun boats. Tornado is not the best bet. I would definitively go for a F18, regardless the brand.
    Sail smart.

    • You’re right.
      It should be the sailors who decide the classes that deserve the olympic status. The most popular should become olympic.

    • Hi Antonio, the price of a brand new High Quality One Design Tonado ready to sail out of the box is 26.000 € without tax. Or you take a very good used boat which cost between 20.000 and 8.000 €. You can sail such a used Tornado again for many years and sell it for nearly the same price. There is no boat around who has such high quality and good re-sale price as a Tornado. We are using the same Tornado since 4 years and still winning big champs. But we want to be fair and we hope to end up in a ISAF evaluation event where the sailors decide what the best olympic boat is. You are wellcome to test all Multihulls in 2012, when the latest designs will come together. But first we need to be confirm by ISAF in´may 2011. Regards, roland

  5. It’s time for ISAF start paying attention to the cost of the boats selected.
    Or we make the classes affordable or unfortunately we will be soon discussing on how to maintain sailing in the Olympics.
    I have participated in the 470 class in the Olympics, and nowadays I work as a sailing coach. I can say that price matters. Olympics are not America’s Cup. Why do we need carbon masts in Match Racing? The best boat shouldn’t be the fastest one, but one that can help the sport grow and be well represented.
    The Lasers are just rising the prices, remember what was the problem with the Europe Dingy? ISAF has to have the control of the Olympic classes, have to be easy to build and buy all over. This should be sine qua non.

  6. I sure hope isaf holds the kites to the same standard as the other olympic classes with 3-30k wind range. This would certainly kill any serious attempt at racing or even getting to and from the course.

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  8. I think that sailing must become more spectacular!
    Its time to let go of the relics and let the modern boats enter the scene. A change of the courses woul help too.

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