A busy day for the Classes Committee

November 7, 2010 at 1:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Dinghies, Multihulls, Keelboats, Windsurfers and Kiteboards; The ISAF Classes committee met yestedray to discuss the ISAF Submissions and form their recommendations to the ISAF Council for the meetings later this week. There was a full agenda and a packed room, including representation from over 50 ISAF International and Recognized Classes.

The ISAF Olympic commission gave the Classes a presentation outlining their strategy and how it fits in with the ISAF Olympic and Non-Olympic classes. The Tracking working party also presented details of their work and how this can help the classes with their own sailing sport presentation.

The Committee had a lot of Submissions to consider and decisions to agree on as to what recommedations they will make to the Council for final voting. Submission 058-10 regarding specifying the age of competitors for youth classes pormpted much debate. With such variety in the classes around the room there was a lot of strong opinions and in favour of the submission but in the end the committee recommended rejecting the submission in favour of working with other committees to do further research.

As you might expect the liveliest debate of the day was around the submissions relating to their right to World Championships and ISAF Class status which resulted in a recommendation to Council to further develop this area within the ISAF rules and regulations. These recommendations along with the all others that the Class Committee decided on will be put forward to the ISAF Council to help them in their final decision making at the end of the Conference.


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